Mad Men Yourself!

Rosalind & Don Draper

To promote the third season of Mad Men, AMC has a new website that allows you to create an avatar in “Mad Men” style. You can dress up as Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger or create someone new! I created myself sharing a drink with Don Draper (of course, darling!). You can save the image as a thumbnail for Twitter, a medium size for your iPhone and a full-size for your desktop.

Just go to and have fun! You will spend a lot of time playing dress-up.

The illustrations are done by the fabulous Dyna Moe, illustrator extraordinaire and a swell gal.

Be sleek, be stylish, be yourself!

Memorial Day

Because These are our Sons, and Brothers, and Husbands (1943)

As we relax on this holiday, let us take a moment and think of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

(Illustration from “The men and women of Alcoa Aluminum” ad (May 1943). Full advertisement available on Flickr.)

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