Monday Meal: Carving Magic (with Harvey Korman)

It’s your Monday Meal time again! Today we have a lovely video clip called “Carving Magic.” This instructional film teaches you how to carve different types of meat. And as a bonus, Harvey Korman co-stars as the clueless guy who asks all the questions. (For those who don’t know, Harvey Korman is best known for “The Carol Burnett Show.”)

So sit back, relax and learn all about the art of carving. And be sure to pull out your projector and show this film to all your friends at your next dinner party. It’ll be swell!

Monday Meal: Marshmallow “Crispy Squares”

howdy doody - marshmallow crispy squares

Today’s Monday Meal is brought to you by Howdy Doody. It’s Kellogg’s Marshmallow “Crispy Squares.” It’s so easy, even a puppet can make it!

Wooden Puppets Eat Them!

Yes siree, Mom! Make some for the kids tonight! It’s so easy – once they taste ’em they’ll make ’em for themselves!

More likely they will whine until YOU make more!

Monday Meal: Sweet Potatoes

This Monday Meal is courtesy of A Word to the Wives, an advertisement demonstrating the many conveniences of modern appliances. This sweet potato recipe is simply just… well, just watch.

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